Reticent, Surrender Series Update

It’s been one heck of a year. The start of a new job. COVID-related deaths of those near and dear to my heart. Transitioning kids from homeschool back to public school. Weighing the options of relocating 2500 miles from home for a job offer for my husband.

All of this while trying to write a book. I was more than up for the challenge, but my muse has not been cooperating. I’m sort of a perfectionist. If it ain’t right, I’m not going to publish. I have to be proud of my work. I have to feel the words on the page. I have to be in love with my characters (even if I hate them sometimes).

All of this to say, Reticent, the third book in the Surrender Series is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. But—and there is a but—I’m happy to report that my muse has been on its best behavior and I’ve written some great chapters over the last couple of weeks. I’m back at it, and I’m so excited to share Hunter Demalio and Yasmine Clark. Their love story will be messy, complicated, but oh so right. These two…whew! They are everything!

So bare with me. I won’t give up. I promise that this book is coming. It’s just coming a little later than originally anticipated. If I had to guess an anticipated date (and I hate doing that) I’d say plan for it to be live in February at the latest.

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