Secrets & Lies

My picker is off. I always fall for the bad boys, the players, the men with “red flag” written all over their gorgeous faces. I should’ve learned my lesson after having my heart eviscerated into tiny, unrecognizable pieces. But no, not me. That would be way too simple, and my life is nothing but.

Luca Fiore is Manhattan’s Prince. He’s sex in a suit personified, and he’s also my stepbrother. I’ve moved back to New York, and he’s offered me a place to crash until I find a place of my own. What could possibly go wrong?

My subconscious screams, “EVERYTHING!”

With his piercing gray eyes, sharp jaw, and dark hair, Luca makes me weak in the knees. And I would gladly get on my knees for him.

Five years ago, I left home with a broken heart and a lifetime worth of sins. Now, I’m back with a naïve hope that I can make things right. How I expect to do that when I have no intention of confessing my sins remains to be seen. One thing is for sure. I have to stay away from the one person who was why I left home in the first place — the man who once called me his Achilles. His flower. His secret. His stepdaughter.

I’m not the good girl in a love story. I don’t deserve a happily ever after. I have secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets. I’ve sowed, and I’ve reaped, and something tells me karma isn’t done with me yet.

This is a BWWM contemporary romance novel.

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